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The wine, craft beer and liquor industries are a thriving part of the New Zealand economy.

For many years now New Zealand wine has quite rightfully been recognized as world-class. Increasingly, the craft beer industry is also being recognized as setting the global standards, which like our wine industry is due in no small part to the climate which allows us to grow some of the most sought after varieties.

As the demand for fine wine and craft beer has grown, so has the complexity and structure of the businesses that produce, market, distribute and sell them. This coupled with the expansion of the export markets for both wine and beer has led to an increase in the requirement for legal assistance.

Our team advises clients on all issues associated with wine, beer and liquor industries, ranging from regulatory compliance, intellectual property, marketing and labelling requirements, environmental and resource management issues, health and safety issues, commercial contracting, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute issues.

Our experts also provide commercially focused and strategic advice on brand development and protection, as well as the reputational and regulatory risks associated with the promotion and sale of wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. We will ensure you maintain compliance not only with the relevant liquor licensing laws, but also all the relevant advertising controls, including the ASA's Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol and discounting of liquor pricing.

We also provide advice to off-shore organisations looking to sell wine, beer or liquor to New Zealand, and offer expertise on the market requirements to enable this to be done successfully.

  • We act for a number of clients in the liquor industry.
  • We also provide advice to hospitality clients on Health and safety issues.
  • We have experience advising both licensees and potential submitters on liquor licensing applications as well as related issues under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.