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Recovering debt or property from a business in distress can be emotionally draining and filled with uncertainty.

New Zealand’s strong economy in recent years means the number of formal insolvency appointments remains relatively low. There are some exceptions. Traditional high-street retailers have experienced a challenging environment and, while the construction industry has experienced a boom, resource constraints are putting stress on the sector.

If you are a trade creditor, you need input from someone who can tell you how much you are likely to get back and how long it is likely to take, so you can make the necessary arrangements and move on. If you’re an insolvency practitioner, you need to know that the steps you are taking comply with the law. 

We have acted on some of New Zealand’s highest-profile insolvency cases. Our expertise extends to alternatives to formal insolvency appointments, such as workouts and informal debt restructuring. We draw on the expertise of all areas of our business, including finance, corporate law and dispute resolution, and we have strong relationships with banks and insolvency practitioners. 

Our experience includes advising: 

  • Hiway Stabilizers in its successful appeal to the Supreme Court on the interpretation of s296(3)(c) of the Companies Act 1993.
  • HSBC, ANZ and Heartland Bank in relation to various security enforcement matters.
  • The interim and full liquidators of HydroWorks.
  • The administrators and deed administrators of Featherston Resources Limited on the successful approval and implementation of a deed of company arrangement.
  • The Australian administrators of Showbiz International Pty Limited on successfully obtaining recognition of a foreign insolvency proceeding pursuant to the Insolvency (Cross-Border) Act 2006.



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