Infrastructure Wayfinder4

We support both the public and private sector responding to New Zealand’s urgent needs for infrastructure development.

You need expert advice on successful strategies for funding and procurement, planning and consenting, the supply and release of land and the negotiation of development and construction agreements for infrastructure-related activity in New Zealand.

We advise Crown entities, local authorities, private developers, investors, contractors, and consultants on the development and funding of major projects including public private partnerships. Our significant experience includes advising clients in the transport and logistics (road, rail, ports and airports), social infrastructure (housing, prisons, schools, hotels), water (dams, potable water, waste water, and stormwater) and energy sectors. We also advise on related areas of growth and development, such as water allocation and coastal use.

Our experts can add significantly to your success in getting a project over the line by contributing their knowledge and experience from initial strategy and planning through to completion.

We can advise you on every phase of a project, from procurement, to planning and consenting, to property investigation and acquisition, to construction contract negotiation and drafting and the subsequent management and maintenance of those assets. You will be working with recognised specialists in their fields, which allows you access to people who live and breathe infrastructure and who are skilled in identifying the best approach to the outcomes sought or how to resolve conflicts.

We understand the issues related to foreign investment in infrastructure and the outcomes sought by both investors and New Zealanders. This allows us to provide advice that considers the needs of all parties. Often, this requires going beyond just legal advice. We can work with you to develop effective strategies to engage with government and stakeholders, each of whom have interests fundamental to the success of these projects.




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