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Sustainable development is at the heart of New Zealand’s long term prosperity. We help you to make it happen.

As New Zealand’s economy grows it must be supported by new infrastructure such as roads, public transport, power stations and water-supply systems. Increasingly, these projects are required to be located in sensitive areas, such as coastal or urban land. Navigating the consenting process can be time-consuming, costly and uncertain; constantly changing laws and regulations make it even more complicated.

Whether you are trying to obtain planning authorisations for a large infrastructure project or for a smaller development like a residential housing project, you need the advice of someone who understands your business and the law, and is familiar with the processes and possibilities available. 

Our team of experts is familiar with all aspects of resource management and environmental law. We can guide you through the consenting process, from providing you with strategic advice in the early stages of your project to appearing for you in court if necessary. We also advise clients seeking changes to regional and district plans, and if you are in the process of buying a new business, we can help assess your environmental risks and responsibilities.



We have extensive knowledge in the transport infrastructure space, having acted for the NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport.  Whether it is an intersection upgrade through to a Road of National Significance, we have the skills and experience to get your project consented.

We have advised: 

  • NZ Transport Agency on approvals for the Northern Corridor Improvements Project, including State highway upgrades, shared use paths and an extension of the Northern Busway.
  • NZ Transport Agency on the alterations to designations for the Longswamp section for the Waikato Expressway.
  • Auckland Transport on improvement works for the Ngapipi Road / Tamaki Drive intersection.

We have an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges associated with authorising and operating infrastructure through our work consenting numerous large roading projects and our work in the electricity and water supply sectors.

We have advised: 

  • Auckland Transport obtaining the designation for the Lincoln Road Corridor Improvements project.
  • Auckland Transport obtaining the resource consents for the Half Moon Bay Ferry Terminal. 
  • Transpower New Zealand Limited on plan changes to give effect to national policy on electricity transmission.

We have comprehensive understanding of the legislation that applies to heritage buildings and its relationship with the Resource Management Act 1991. Through our work with owners of heritage buildings, developers needing archaeological authority, and third parties concerned with the loss of heritage, we are able to provide practical advice on the provisions relating to heritage buildings. 

We have advised: 

  • Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga in Environment Court appeals regarding heritage buildings, including McLean’s Mansion in Christchurch.
  • A private landowner regarding the heritage status of their commercial building under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan heritage provisions. 
  • NZ Transport Agency on the resource consents to replace the Old Mangere Bridge, which had undisputed heritage values, with a new purpose-built walking and cycling bridge.

We have extensive experience advising clients on water quality, water allocation and priority issues. This includes consenting large hydro-electric power schemes, water takes and discharges for agriculture, irrigation projects, and regional plan regulation of water.

We have advised: 

  • Pernod Ricard on the regulation of water allocation, critical for its vineyards.
  • Wellington Water Limited on development of the Prince of Wales Water Reservoir.
  • NZ Transport Agency in relation to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, particularly in relation to stormwater, water take and water discharge aspects of the Proposed Plan.




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