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Asians and New Zealanders enjoy doing business together. We are the premier firm to assist you to do so. We appreciate the nuances of doing business between Asia and New Zealand and this enables us to deliver tailored legal advice to our Asian clients.





我们协助客户监察各种规模的项目,并在项目的各个阶段予以协助。从尽职调查、文件准备、业务谈判,到提供与法律规管程序相关的专业意见、 例如向海外投资办公室申请收购和开发重大业务资产和敏感土地的审批。我们的专业团队将确保您在达到业务目标的同时亦能尽量控制风险。


New Zealand is a very easy place to do business and is ranked first in the Prosperity Index making it an increasingly attractive destination for investors from Asia, in particular Chinese investors.

Heida and the team have a deep understanding of doing business in Asia and as a New Zealand firm which dates back to the nineteenth century, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with all of your legal needs.

Whether you have business interests or are expanding your business in New Zealand or Asia, you need experienced lawyers who understand your business objectives and needs, master the cultures and languages of both markets, and can help bridge the legal differences, whilst meeting your business requirements and minimising your risks.

Our dedicated Asia team has unparalleled local and international experience and expertise in advising Asian investors on all aspects of New Zealand law and policies affecting them and is committed to provide pragmatic and solution-focused advice to meet your legal and business needs. Our team of legal experts includes 12 Asian (Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean) speakers, so we can truly advise you in your own language.  

Our clients include central and local government organisations and agencies, state-owned enterprises, listed and private companies, multi-national corporations, as well as banks and financial institutions.

We assist clients in managing projects of all sizes and at all stages of their transactions. From due diligence, documentation preparation and negotiation with counterparts, through to advice on such regulatory processes as applications to the Overseas Investment Office. We assist with approvals to acquire and develop significant business assets and sensitive land, and our specialist team will ensure that your objectives are met and risks managed.