Mihiarangi is a Senior Associate in Kensington Swan’s Māori Business team. She specialises in Māori business development, governance and group structuring, trust law, and assisting clients who operate in the post-Treaty settlement landscape.­­­­­

Mihiarangi has a background in both law and accounting. She has recently returned home from Australia, where she gained significant experience providing legal and commercial advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

Admission date: 2010


Mihiarangi has advised:

  • Large Traditional Owner Groups in the Pilbara region of Western Australia on some of the largest Indigenous Land Use Agreements in the country.
  • Large Traditional Owner Groups to establish and administer ‘Benefit Management Structures’ for the receipt of funds under Indigenous Land Use Agreements. Benefit Management Structures are akin to Māori PSGE structures.
  • A Company Secretary role for Traditional Owner Groups.
  • Drafting and submitting Private Binding Rulings to the Australian Taxation Office for the receipt of funds under Indigenous Land Use Agreements.
  • Strategic planning processes for Traditional Owner Groups in receipt of funds from Indigenous Land Use Agreements.
  • The acquisition of commercial assets for Traditional Owner Groups.
  • Commercial re-structuring advice to Traditional Owner Groups.
  • Project management and stakeholder relationship management for Traditional Owner Groups.



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