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Senior Counsel and Head of China Business


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Heida heads our China business team. She has significant experience in all aspects of corporate and commercial law and specialises in advising clients on cross-border investments, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. Heida has considerable international experience, having spent many years working in Hong Kong and China as a corporate partner in an international law firm prior to joining Kensington Swan to lead its thriving Chinese business practice.

Heida assists overseas clients to buy, establish and sell businesses and assets, form joint ventures with domestic businesses and operations, and raise capital. She assists with all stages of these transactions from due diligence, through to documentation and advising on regulatory processes, including helping clients work with the Overseas Investment Office to obtain consents to acquire and develop significant business assets and sensitive land in New Zealand. She also advises clients on a range of commercial arrangements, for instance, distribution, licensing, manufacturing and supply agreements.

Heida advises a wide range of clients including Chinese central government controlled and state-owned enterprises, listed and private conglomerates, multi-national corporations as well as banks and financial institutions. She works closely with chief executives, managing directors and in-house legal teams.

Whatever the size of your project, Heida can manage it for you, and help you meet commercial aims while managing your risk. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. This enables her to effectively assist clients with bridging legal and cultural differences when doing business in New Zealand and China, and prepare bi-lingual documentation for their transactions if necessary.

Heida is the Vice-President of the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association. She also belongs to the Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland.


Heida 是我们中国业务律师团队的总监。她拥有丰富的企业和商业法经验,并致力于为客户提供跨境投资、并购、收购和合资方面的法律协助。她拥有丰富的国际执业经验,在加入 Kensington Swan 带领我们迅速发展的中国业务团队之前,Heida 执业于香港和中国,是一家国际律所的合伙人。

Heida 协助海外客户合并收购、建立以及出售业务和资产、与新西兰本地企业和业务建立合资项目及筹集资金。她会在项目的各个阶段予以法律协助,从尽职调查到准备文件、到提供与法律监管程序相关的专业意见,包括帮助客户向新西兰海外投资办公室申请收购和开发重大业务资产和敏感土地的项目审批。Heida 亦就其他商业安排为客户提供法律意见,比如为分销、许可、制造以及供应等活动而设的各种协议。

Heida 的客户群包括来自中国的国企、央企、上市和私营集团、跨国公司、以及银行和金融机构。她经常与该等客户的首席执行官、董事总经理和内部法律团队紧密合作。

无论您的项目规模大小,Heida 都会为您妥善监察,协助您达到预期的商业目标并同时规管风险。她精通普通话和粤语,可以有效的桥接新西兰和中国的法律和文化差异。如有需要,也可以为客户的项目准备双语文件。

Heida 是香港新西兰商会的副主席,也是奥克兰市中心扶轮社的社员


Admission Date:

1993 (Hong Kong)

1995 (England & Wales)

2015 (New Zealand)


Heida has advised: 

  • A number of PRC SOEs on their investments in, and financing of, various construction and infrastructure projects, commercial and residential property developments. This also encapsulates advice on making OIO applications involving both significant business assets and sensitive land.
  • A PRC listed conglomerate on the construction and establishment of a particle board plant in the Bay of Plenty region. This involves on-going negotiation of a development agreement and ground lease on Maori land, advice on environment, planning and public law issues and various commercial arrangements and agreements, as well as making an application for OIO’s consent to its investment in significant business assets and sensitive land.  
  • A number of PRC SOEs (including a Fortune Global 500 company) on their acquisitions of forests and forestry rights (including Crown forestry licences), management and log sale and purchase arrangements in different regions. 
  • A PRC conglomerate on its application for a derivatives issuer licence from the FMA (which has been successful) and establishment of its relevant financial services business.
  • A New Zealand tertiary education institute on its agreement with a PRC university in Shandong Province, China for the establishment of a joint education programme. 
  • Various PRC and local clients on their mergers and acquisitions of businesses, establishment of agency, supply and/or distribution networks and other commercial arrangements in New Zealand or China, and the preparation of necessary agreements to facilitate these arrangements.


  • 协助多家国企进行各项建筑及基础设施建设项目、商用及住宅开发等投资和融资项目。其中涉及重大业务资产和敏感土地投资,就其向海外投资办公室的申请提供法律意见。
  • 协助一家中国上市集团在丰盛湾创建刨花板工厂。该项目涉及为开发协议和毛利土地租赁协议进行持续的协商,也需要对于环境、 规划和公共法等问题(包括就其重大业务资产和敏感土地投资而向海外投资办公室递交审批申请)、各种商业安排和协议提供专业意见。
  • 协助多家国企(包括福布斯财富500强企业)在位于不同地区的林地以及砍伐权(包括皇家林木砍伐权牌照)进行收购、林地管理以及木材买卖等各种安排。
  • 协助一家中国集团向新西兰金融市场管理局申请并成功获取衍生产品发行人牌照,以及建立其相关金融服务业务。
  • 协助一家新西兰高等教育机构与中国山东一所大学建立的联合教育项目起草并达成协议提供意见。
  • 协助多家中国和本地企业进行合并收购业务、建立代理、供应和分销网络,以及其他在新西兰或中国的商业项目,同时为各项目准备所需协议。



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