Emma is a member of our private wealth team. She advises high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families from New Zealand and overseas on how to buy, sell and manage assets in New Zealand.

If you are looking to move to New Zealand or want to buy land or assets here, Emma can guide you through the complex process of working with the Overseas Investment Office. She has advised on a wide variety of business and lifestyle assets.

She can also help you structure your New Zealand assets to ensure that they are well managed, and she can advise you on how best to manage them for future generations.

Emma has spent many years working as a real estate lawyer and she also continues to advise corporate clients on buying, selling, leasing, developing and financing commercial property. She also has experience in social housing projects, having been involved with them in the UK and New Zealand.

Emma enjoys spending time with her family, particularly visiting the South Island high country.  She also makes the occasional antiques purchase in her spare time.

Admission date: 2000


Emma has advised: 

  • On the purchase of non-urban land for a significant residential development in Auckland for an overseas person requiring OIO consent. This OIO application involved both sensitive land and significant business assets.
  • On the purchase, development, and finance of a forestry block in the Otorohanga district for an overseas person to be developed for redwood production which required OIO consent. This OIO application involved an offer–back of special land to the Crown, and negotiation with the Crown about access to waterways and conservation land.  
  • On the construction and establishment of a particle board factory in Kawerau for an overseas person. This involved the negotiation of a development agreement and ground lease on Maori land together with making an OIO application.
  • Assisting clients with variety of asset and succession planning exercises.



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