Charlotte is a partner in our intellectual property team. She helps clients identify, protect and commercialise their intellectual property, and resolve IP disputes.

Charlotte advises government entities and businesses in New Zealand and internationally on a wide range of intellectual property issues, including trade marks, copyright, domain names, designs and patents. She is one of the few lawyers in New Zealand with expertise in plant variety rights.

Charlotte can help you to identify and register your intellectual property and make sure you have the right to use it. She can also help you develop a strategy to commercialise your IP through licensing or franchising, or by selling your business. She often advises clients on the IP issues associated with social media and advertising campaigns.

Charlotte has many years of experience in resolving intellectual property disputes. She advises on parallel importation issues.

She can help you enforce your IP rights or defend you should your right to use IP be challenged.

Charlotte is a member of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand, and the International Trade Marks Association.

She is also a registered patent attorney and an Australian registered trade mark attorney.

Charlotte is the managing partner in our Wellington office – one of only a handful of female managing partners in New Zealand.

Admission date: 


1997 (Registered Patent Attorney)


Charlotte has advised:

  • Tourism New Zealand on the protection and enforcement of their NZ and international trade mark portfolio, including their iconic 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND brand, and drafting Talent Agreements and IP licences for their advertising and social media campaigns.  
  • a cereal company on the protection and defence of a shape trade mark, which has been challenged by a competitor.
  • a client on the enforcement of their valuable IP and trade mark rights against a third party’s unauthorised use in a national marketing campaign.
  • ENZAFruit International/T&G Global - responsible for the international PVR portfolio of some of the key fruit varieties of this client.
  • Cancer Society of New Zealand – advising and negotiating licensing and sponsorship agreements.
  • on fair trading and advertising standards compliance for the marketing collateral and TVC’s for a number of businesses advertising in New Zealand.
  • Flick Electric – acting for this Wellington based innovative technology and electricity company from their initial launch through their rapid growth in the electricity market, on trade mark protection and IP strategies.  
  • a New Zealand technology and engineering company on the protection of their international trade mark portfolio.
  • a number of clients on the successful negotiation and resolution of domain name disputes.
  • 21C Skills Lab, a technology start-up company, in the education sector on licensing agreements and privacy advice.



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