Catriona is a partner in our financial services team. She specialises in investment funds, which include KiwiSaver, managed funds and superannuation schemes. She helps clients set up new funds and assists them with ongoing legal compliance for existing funds.

Catriona works with many of New Zealand’s leading fund managers, as well as a range of smaller and boutique companies. Depending on the size of the company, she works closely with legal teams, product managers, and directors.

Catriona can guide you through the process of setting up a new fund to ensure it meets the requirements of the Financial Markets Conduct Act. That includes obtaining a licence, writing disclosure documents, and appointing a licensed supervisor. She can then help you with ongoing management of the fund. She is particularly sensitive to the importance of producing documents that are not just legally compliant but are also clear and easy for consumers to understand.

Catriona assists financial adviser firms to comply with their legal obligations.

Catriona also advises clients on issues to do with life and disability insurance.

Admission date: 1996


Catriona has advised:

  • AMP on the successful establishment and subsequent offer of 16 new specialist and diversified funds within the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme. AMP was the first provider to take advantage of the new ability to offer the funds through quarterly fund updates, rather than a separate product disclosure statement.
  • Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership, the first DIMS provider to be granted a licence under the Financial Markets Conduct Act regime, in respect of the successful transition of its offering to the new regime. This project involved producing a new service disclosure statement, investment proposal, and investment authority, as well as revised client contractual arrangements.
  • Aspiring Asset Management Limited, a boutique fund manager, on the transition of the Aspiring Fund to the Financial Markets Conduct Act regime. Aspiring Asset Management was one of the first fund managers to obtain a licence under the new regime, and the Fund was the first unit trust to transition to the new regime.
  • Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership on the establishment of both the GMI Fixed Interest Fund and the GMI Growth Fund.
  • Morningstar on the implications of the financial advisers regime for both its Australian and New Zealand operations and to develop uniform disclaimers and practices that were compliant in both jurisdictions.  
  • UniSaver, the New Zealand universities superannuation scheme, on the introduction of a number of benefits to align with KiwiSaver and its successful transition to the Financial Markets Conduct regime. 



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