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Public law

Working with the public sector requires a unique approach, and an understanding of why government is different from other businesses. Kensington Swan has worked on both sides of the fence, on some of New Zealand’s largest public sector projects. We understand how government works and deliver solutions tailored for the public sector context. Our expert public law team works daily with policy makers and politicians to help our clients respond to, and influence, government decisions and policy. With broad expertise in all areas of central and local government law, we are accessible, practical, and easy to work with.

Government relations

Decisions made by the Government and by regulators can have significant and long-lasting implications for business. Early engagement with policy-makers is critical to ensure that your voice is heard. More >>

Health law

In the health sector, reliable legal advice is often required urgently. Our on-call health law specialists deliver practical advice, tailored to your unique requirements. More >>

Information law and privacy

Government agencies and commercial clients alike need practical and innovative solutions to ensure they comply with legislation relating to privacy and the management of information. More >>

Local government law

Local authorities operate in a challenging environment to deliver the ‘four well-beings’ to their community. Having the support of a dedicated team of local government law experts is essential. More >>

Public and administrative law

Delivering public law solutions in a resource-constrained environment demands an innovative approach. Public entities need to balance a drive for innovation with the need to comply with their core obligations. Private entities need to be able to work within these constraints to achieve effective outcomes. More >>

Public sector

Public sector agencies face unique challenges: they are expected to engage in commercial activities while fulfilling their public sector obligations. Kensington Swan brings a practical approach to meeting those challenges. More >>

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