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Private wealth

Asset and estate planning can be a good way to protect your assets from creditors and spouse/partner claims, both for you and your family. This planning frequently involves placing your assets in a trust tailored to your circumstances, accompanied by a will which leaves assets to the trust.

Kensington Swan has extensive experience in the field of asset and estate planning, will preparation, and estate administration. We act for many large and small trusts.

Our expertise in trust law is applied in many areas, including:

  • asset or estate planning
  • foreign trusts for non-New Zealand residents
  • trust administration
  • trading trusts
  • wills and estate administration
  • charitable trusts
  • dispute resolution.

Abolition of gift duty

The abolition of gift duty created considerable potential for asset and estate planning and this frequently involves a trust. Many people are reordering their affairs by forgiving debt owed to them by their trusts, or transferring assets to their trusts or to family members.

These changes need to be considered with provisions in wills. Our lawyers specialise in setting up wills and can advise on terms to suit your unique circumstances.

Foreign trusts

We are experienced in the establishment of foreign trusts. These are trusts with a New Zealand trustee settled by non-New Zealand residents. We are also experienced in trust migration and can advise on in bound and out bound trust planning for individuals moving to and from New Zealand.


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