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Copyright law and design registrations

Copyright and registered designs are important means of protecting original artistic, literary, graphic, and musical works, as well as computer software. We advise on the critical issues around copyright ownership, the exclusive rights that copyright provides, and how to enforce those rights.

Kensington Swan’s intellectual property lawyers have expertise in advising on a wide variety of copyright issues, including in relation to:

• design drawings
• photographs
• computer software
• sound and visual recordings
• literary works.

We also regularly draft assignments and licences of copyright works.

Design registration

Sometimes there is extra benefit in seeking design registration for a novel design. We have experience with preparing and filing design applications, and coordinating equivalent applications in overseas jurisdictions.

Copyright infringement

We regularly manage disputes in relation to copyright infringement. Our intellectual property team includes skilled specialist litigators who are well equipped to act decisively and urgently when immediate action is required.

Recent experience

Michael Hill Franchise Pty Limited

Our client developed new jewellery designs that it wanted to protect in New Zealand and its key markets overseas. We worked with them to prepare and file design applications locally and internationally through our associate network of IP specialists. Michael Hill invests a lot of time and money in developing their jewellery lines. It was very important that we were able to protect them against third party use, and the subsequent dilution of their brand through cheap imitations.



Related areas of expertise

Commercialisation and licensing
Enforcement of IP rights
Dispute resolution
Anti-counterfeiting law

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