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Our values

These values drive us to achieve with clients and with each other.

Collaboration – with your team where you will play a part in achieving the best results.

Commitment – to doing what you say you’ll do, including whatever it takes to get the job done to the standard and time agreed.

Confidence – in ourselves and each other, built through the challenges you’ll face and the encouragement you’ll receive.

Excellence – that is fostered and recognised, to consistently deliver quality outcomes.

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Summer clerking with KS has been a fantastic learning experience. I had the opportunity to have a taste of what working in a commercial law firm would be like, and the given work challenged and pushed my legal knowledge to greater heights. I was always given detailed and thoughtful feedback so that I could identify areas for improvement.
Ultimately the summer clerking experience was a comfortable blend of hard work and social life – it was not just about work, but also about building connections and relationships with the KS team.

Anne Lim - Summer Clerk | Wellington